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Top 5 Best Thermal Lebel Printer 2024 Buyer's Guide


Best Thermal Label Printers

We are going to look at the top five thermal label printers available on the market today. we made this list based on our own research, customer reviews, and opinions. we have considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. so, here are the top five best label printers.

5. Jiose Shipping Lable Printer

Jiose Shipping Lable Printer

This little unit is one of the best shipping label printers for small businesses. It is a patented printer that works well with the label guidelines of prominent shipping platforms such as PayPal, Shippo, eBay, FedEx, Amazon, Shopify, and more. Its compact size and easy installation feature are some reasons for its fast-rising popularity. We like that it is easy to navigate, so you don't need to undergo any training. At a glance, you will see a printer with a white glossy finish; behind the printer is a power switch, a power in port, and a USB port, while at its top, you will find a calibration button. We think that the JIOSE printer performs very well for a printer of its size. It is a thermal label printer, so you can print without ever needing to buy ink or cartridges, saving money and time in the process. It can print 4 by 6 inches in size labels at 203 dot-per-inch high resolution. It also prints up to 86 labels per minute at a high speed of 6.3 inches per second. Another thing we like about this JIOSE printer is its labor-saving label identification feature. This printer automatically recognizes the first label, detects the label's size, gap, and characteristics, and then positions it at a tear-off line. This ensures that no piece of label paper is wasted. 

Lastly, the JIOSE is compatible with both Windows and Apple Mac devices, and it connects to your computer easily through its USB port.

Its pros  

  • Its printing size is modifiable
  • It has overheating protection
  • It has automatic label detection 

Its Cons

  • The power cord and the feeder are in the same place, which is quite difficult to manage.
  • The JIOSE SHIPPING LABEL PRINTER is suitable for anyone looking for an affordable thermal label printer with a compact design. 

4. LabelRange LP620

LabelRange LP620 Lebel Printer
This is a commercial-grade shipping label printer that creates high-quality address, shipping, barcode, mailing, and binder labels, as well as receipts and name tags. It is compatible with Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Etsy, Pirateship, Shipstation, and any other labels ranging from 1 to 9.84 inches in length and 1.5 to 4.72 inches in width. This makes it a highly versatile printer. Looking at this printer, you will see a portable thermal printer with a white finish by the sides and a black finish on top. It has its feeder, USB port, power in port, and power switch behind, and a lock switch that snaps it open at the side. The LABELRANGE works thermally, so there will be no need for ink, toners, and ribbons. This makes it cost-effective and a good time saver. With a printing quality of 300 dot-per-inch and a speed of 5 inches per second, this printer produces a clear and crisp image on your label pretty quickly. It also has an automatic label identification system. As with others on our list, this system automatically analyses and characterizes the label type while printing to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, the LABELRANGE is quite easy to install on systems. It is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux and can connect to your computer through a USB port. It includes a 1 gigabyte blue USB disk and 100 sheets of 4 by 6 inches fanfold labels. Even better, stored in the USB drive is all the driver software you need and a manual to assist you with the installation.

Its pros  
  • It prints labels with an adhesive back
  • It is easy to use
  • It includes a USB drive
Its Cons
  • It lacks a wireless capability
  • The LABELRANGE LP620 is suitable for anyone looking for a thermal label printer with high-quality performance.

3. DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

DYMO is a well-known brand in the label printing industry, and this 4XL model is one of their widest label makers. This means it can print extra-large shipping labels, restaurant menus, recipe books, or any label up to 4 inches wide. It can also handle smaller labels for file folders, binders, name tags, and more. This printer allows users to print from major shipping platforms like eBay, Esty, Amazon, and more, making it the best printer for online sellers. The 4XL is highly customizable. With a DYMO free connect software, you can customize the graphics and text that you use on the labels. In addition, it has over 60 professional label templates for you to choose from. We like that it is also a direct thermal printer, eliminating the need for ink or toner. It offers 300 dot-per-inch quality printing and can print as fast as 53 standard 4-line address labels or 129 high-capacity 4-line address labels in about a minute. There is also an automatic label identification system that lets you see the size, type, and number of remaining labels at a glance. The 4XL is quite easy to set up. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later, MAC version 10.10 and later operating systems. We recommend that you check that the software installation is done before connecting the printer. You can also connect this printer to your PC via a USB cable. Finally, the 4XL will sit compactly on your office desk despite being known as a wide printer. It has an attractive shape design that blends into any office decor.

Its pros  
  • It supports LAN connectivity
  • It does not require calibration
  • It is an affordable price
Its Cons
  • It only works with authentic DYMO labels
  • The DYMO LABELWRITER 4XL is suitable for anyone looking for a wide thermal label printer.

2. Brother QL Series Label Printer

BROTHER QL has a history of producing professional-grade printers, and this QL is no exception. It is, in fact, one of their leading label printers, and it has lots of exciting features that we would like to talk about. The first thing we like about the QL is that it offers wireless connectivity options. It can connect to your PC through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and your Apple device or Android smartphone through Airprint or Brother iPrint&label APP. This makes it a flexible printer to use. There is also a USB host interface that allows it to be used with peripherals like scanners. Like other thermal label printers, you do not need a toner or ink for this printer. It uses heat to print high-quality paper labels for postage, file folders, shipping, receipts, and more at 300 dpi resolution. It prints pretty fast at 69 labels per minute and can print up to 4-inch labels, which is ideal for shipping addressing and postage needs. While printing, there is an automatic crop function that lets it easily print product and barcode labels from an A4 letter size label sheet template. Another thing we like about the QL is its plug-and-label feature. The printer can print basic labels out of the box without installing any software on your PC. It is compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows and integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. With Brothers network management tools and free software development kits, you can easily integrate and manage this printer on a network. Lastly, the printer has a simple design. On the rear of it are several ports and jacks. On each side is a lever for opening it up into the paper compartment. And the front has six buttons lined up on it for power, cutter, feed, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and WPS.

Its pros  
  • It supports wired connectivity.
  • It has an automatic identification system.
  • It includes starter labels and a USB.
Its Cons
  • It doesn't seem to be compatible with Chromebooks.
  • It is suitable for anyone looking for a thermal label printer for postage, mailing, address, and barcode label purposes.

1. Rollo Shipping Label Printer

Finally, our top thermal label printer is the ROLLO SHIPPING LABEL PRINTER. If simple and powerful is what you are looking for in a label printer, this ROLLO SHIPPING LABEL PRINTER is all you need. What sets this commercial-grade label printer apart from its competitors is its ability to print crisp and clear monochrome labels on any direct thermal label, including free UPS labels. This means you can save costs by buying affordable labels for the printer. The Rollo is an efficient heat label printer that eliminates the need for toner and ink. It works well with standard shipping and e-commerce firms like Amazon, eBay, Esty, and more. With a printing speed of 6 inches per second, it prints labels that are 1.57 to 4.1 inches wide with no restriction on the label's height. By pressing a simple button, it will automatically identify the size and characteristics of your label and have it ready for printing. Moreover, the Rollo has an easy setup that even a newbie can operate. It connects through USB to your Windows and MAC operating systems, and you can print to it from any application. At a glance, you will see a modern, rugged, and rectangular-shaped printer that will sit on your office desk without taking up a lot of space. Finally, it has an easy-to-navigate external control interface, which is what we like to see in any device intended for regular use.

    Its pros  
    • Loading the labels is easy.
    • It includes a straightforward setup guide.
    • It is compatible with roll or paper holders.
    Its Cons
    • It does not support wireless connectivity.
    • It is suitable for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable thermal label printer that can print any kind of label effectively.

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