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How to install Epson L360 resetter- ink pad problem solution

Here is the solution to resolve the blinking red light issue on the Epson L360 Printer.

The Epson l360 resetter tool or software can be downloaded from this website with ease and free. high-quality multifunction printer with outstanding performance is the Epson eco tank l360 printer. you can reset the waste ink pad counter on your printer by using this Epson l360 adjustment software without Epson l360 reset button. Whenever your printer displays the Service Required message, this tool comes in handy to restore your printer to its factory condition. Follow these simple steps to fix the problem in just a minute. This issue occurs when the Waste Ink Pad becomes full. You can use unlimited time. However, it is advisable to clean or replace the Waste Ink Pad as well to prevent overflow, which could potentially lead to printer damage.

How to reset the Epson L360 printer.

  • You will first download the Epson resetter software from this page.
  • After downloading, extract the all file using WinRAR software 
  • Launch 'AdjProg.exe' from the file.
  • click 'Accept' Click "Particular Adjustment Mode". 
  • Click the OK button after selecting the "Wast Ink Pad Counter" option. 
  • After selecting the "Main Pad Counter" check box, click the "Check." 
  • The "Initialization" button should be clicked after verifying the Main Pad Counter

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