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Best Inkjet Printer for Home use in India 2024

You need an eight-time printer if you need one or more of these criteria one you print frequently a few times every single week two you require a high number of prints between 300 and thousand prints every single month three you require Color Prints and four you require photo prints if you print infrequently like I do you can go for a laser printer where you can be sure that the ink will not dry.

I compared over 40 different models by Brother Epson Canon and HP which you can see listed on the screen below

Since there are so many different models, I'll only show on the screen the ones that do or do not have a particular feature when I'm talking about that feature. The recommendations as always will be at the end. There are five key capabilities that an ink tank printer does print scan copy color print and photo print a single function printer does only printing no scanning or copy and a monochrome printer does prints only in black and white therefore no Color Prints and no photo prints. Amongst the models compare the few models from Epson Canon and HP listed below.

These are single-function printers all the brother models are multifunction ink printers, some of these single-function ink tank printers are also monochrome printers.

Like the apps an M100 m105 and the Canon gm2070.

This is useful if your main need is only for printing in black and white.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Next key criteria to consider is Wi-Fi connectivity anytime printers that do not have Wi-Fi connectivity are priced a lot lower the models you see below.

This printer has Wi-Fi which I believe is very useful if you print from your mobile phone a lot. I would highly recommend going for a printer with Wi-Fi.

The next key capability is auto duplicate.

Auto duplicate means that the printer can automatically print on the front and back of the page without needing you to turn the paper. Amongst the models t820dw Epson l4260 Canon 2070 and the HP 600 and 700 series have it. All of these are a lot more expensive as well. None of the other models have Auto Duplicates.

Next capability is the auto document feeder.

This is especially useful if you frequently scan or copy multiple Pages at once.

Automatic document feeder printer model list

Amongst the models compared only the Brother a20dw the Canon 4010 and the HP 790 have this. again these are priced higher and I don't believe this is an important feature for home use.

Now let's talk about the speed of printing.

Typically the speed of printing is either measured in pages per minute or images per minute. These are two standard metrics that almost all brands use to publish the speed of the printer.

Unfortunately, there is no common practice some Brands still use pages per minute as a metric and some other brands use images per minute as a metric. but using a comparison across various Brands. Epson has the fastest printing speed between 27 and 33 pages per minute for black followed by Brother which has between 28 and 30 pages per minute or 16 to 17 images per minute for black color that is followed by Canon. HP has the lowest printing speed which is between 8 to 12 pages per minute for black with high-end models supporting up to 23 pages per minute.

The number of pages printed and the cost per page. 

Since there are so many models compared I'm going to give you a range by brand to give you an indication of which brand actually gives you the best.

Depending on the type of refill that is used. Most HP in-time printers give between 8 000 pages in color and 7500 pages in Black, when a normal refill is used and between 12 and 18 000 when an Excel refill is used which has a higher capacity. common cost per print per brand is listed above the screen too. as you can see brother has the lowest cost per print amongst the brands compared and Canon has the highest cost per print for the brands that have been compared.

Next, let's talk about the refill cost 

You can see the refill costs below

In general, there are four colors included in the in-tank printer. magenta CN yellow and black. Typically black cartridges are a lot bigger than the standard color cartridges all of the models compared offer a one-year warranty and pricing varies from 11 000 for a monochrome printer or without Wi-Fi in tank printers to about 25 000 which is the full range of capabilities within an ink tank printer I have limited this comparison to the 25 000 range So based on all of this here are my recommendations for the best ink tank printers in India if you want a fully loaded machine which includes Wi-Fi Auto document feeder for scanning and copy and auto do play and the highest speed of printing for both color and black.

The Brother t820dw is the best available model at around 25,000 rather has the lowest cost per page pricing and is second best in terms of speed.

If you're looking for an ink tank printer with the fastest printing speed for both black and white and color but also has reasonably priced refills you can consider the Epson l3252 available at a price of about fifteen thousand it has all five capabilities of print scan copy color print photo print and does have Wi-Fi as well but does not have Auto duple and ADF.

If you're looking for a budget printer with Wi-Fi then I t426w. It is available at a price of about 13 000 it offers all five capabilities of print scan copy color print and photo print and also includes Wi-Fi Brother has the lowest cost per page pricing and is second best in terms of speed.

If you're looking for a model that has the best photo printing capability at home I recommend the Canon G670 it is the only printer compared that has six colors black gray Siam magenta yellow and red compared to all of the others which only print in four colors so the print quality for photos is a lot better in this model again it has all five capabilities of print scan copy photo print and color print does have Wi-Fi but no ADF and no Auto duplex since it specializes in photo printing the print speed is lower as well at 3.9 images per minute.

I in general don't recommend the HP ink tank as the printing speeds are quite low however HP has the best availability of spare parts I don't recommend Canon other than the one I mentioned for photo printing as the cost per print is higher than all other brands and printing speeds are lower as well as for me for my usage which is really very less a laser printer is ideal for me a printer is more of a convenience to have at home.

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